• Value Engineering – Using our experience to help you determine the best way to approach a project.  Value Engineering includes exploring several budgeting options and giving you an accurate estimate of each before you invest in the time of preparing a formal bid request.
  • Constructability Reviews – We assess your project’s plans to ensure, with a high degree of certainty, that it can be built on time and within budget.
  • Preconstruction Scheduling – We identify and examine the role of subcontractors and material suppliers with an eye toward catching potential labor and/or material delivery problems.
  • Design/Build – We work with a selected design team from the design phase of a project to its construction. The Design/Build process helps assure that the cost of the project stays within the owner’s budget. The integrity of the design is maintained through a partnership with a third-party design firm.
  • Subcontractor Prequalification and Input – Qualified subcontractors are a vital part of successful project as the major subcontractors are responsible for large portions of the work.  Selecting the right subcontractors and getting their input early in the design process is essential to having a smooth running, coordinated project. 
  • Procurement of Long Lead-Time Items – In some projects one or two items, such as a pre-fabricated metal building or overhead crane, can determine the schedule for the whole job.  We can identify these items up front and order them early, prior to releasing the rest of the project.  This can cut months off of the project schedule. 
  • Site Utilization Analysis –This step helps to visualize and program the layout of the site to insure the most effective use of the property for the intended function of the facility.  This may also involve planning for future expansions.
  • Permitting – This can be a crucial step in getting a project started.  We will bring a project to the permitting authorities early on to get feedback and ensure a smooth and expedited review process.
  • Building Systems Analysis – We assess mechanical system options to select the most cost effective system, taking into account both initial and life cycle cost.  This is another way to save money upfront and over the life of the building.



  • Construction – We coordinate and orchestrate the best and most talented management, subcontractors and field supervisors to bring your project to reality.
  • Scheduling – We monitor and control each specific aspect of the project through weekly site meetings and short-term (two-week) scheduling to maintain on-time delivery of the project.
  • Safety – Ongoing training is provided and workplace safety is strictly enforce, right down to the hardhat on every head.
  • Budget Management – We ensure the full value of your investment through proactive planning before the project starts and ongoing supervision of materials and workmanship to ensure compliance with the budget while maintaining quality.
  • Quality Control – We rigorously maintain building component quality to ensure that outcomes meet or exceed owner and design team expectations.



We are committed to maintaining client satisfaction by identifying and correcting any warranty issues. J.B. Mouton has been here for almost a century and will be here in the future to resolve, in a timely manner, any construction issues that may surface.