“We selected them because of their outstanding reputation in our community for quality work as well as for their integrity and honesty… Throughout the entire time of construction I was assured that the quality of work was outstanding… our consultant stated that he had seen few buildings with the quality of work that our church had.”
– Rev. Harold Trahan, Pastor, St. Elizabeth Seton

Many of our field personnel have been with our company for over a quarter-of-a-century and their expertise and experience are invaluable components of our problem-solving approach. Their skills are evident in the quality self-performed work and supervision, which ensures prompt scheduling and maximum efficiency of time and dollars. Continuing education, along with ongoing craft and safety training, are integral components of J. B. Mouton’s hands-on approach to building.

Averaging over 29 years of experience, our project management team has the knowledge to foresee potential problems before they occur. All of our project managers started off in the field, with most of them working as carpenters before, during and/or after their college careers, and then work their way up through the organization.

It is this kind of hands-on experience which enables them to go beyond the textbook and select the best construction methods. Whatever challenges your project may present, chances are we’ve ‘been-there-done-that.’ This insures an efficiently run, quality project each and every time.


Robert P. “Popie” Billeaud, President/Owner, Employed 1976

Kim Martin Nehrbass, Vice-President, Employed 1989

David C. Prejean, Controller, CPA, Employed 1995

Stuart Billeaud, Project Manager,  Estimator, and Business Development. Employed 2006

André Billeaud, Project Manager and Estimator, Employed 1979

Anthony Dupont, Project Manager, Employed 2012

Andrew Bertrand, Project Manager, Employed 2013

Administrative Staff:

Becky Landry – Accounts Payable/Receivable, Employed 1993

Michelle Picard – Administrative Assistant, Human Resources, Employed 2016

Field Supervisors:

Bret Begnaud, Employed 1980

Danny Billeaud – Employed 1981

Ronald Dugas, Employed 1983

Bobby LaFleur, Employed 1990

Kenneth LeJeune, Employed 1990

William Stelly, Employed 1995