• 1915

    100 Years Earlier: Almost 100 years ago, J.B. Mouton began using his father’s team of mules to help build houses in the then tiny community of Lafayette.
  • 1922

    Expansion: J.B. Mouton expands into Commercial Construction adding his sons William and Francis Mouton to the J.B. Mouton and Sons staff.
  • 1927

    Early Home Construction: Pierre Gerac residence was an early construction project by J.B. Mouton.
  • 1940

    War: Work suspended because of the inability to obtain building materials.  Continued to work  at Fort Polk for the war effort until materials and work could be resumed.
  • 1948

    Third Generation: One of J.B.’s grandsons, Manning “Bozo” Billeaud began working in the field as a superintendent.
  • 1950

    Charter Member Regional AGC: J.B. Mouton serves as a charter member in the formation of the South Louisiana Chapter of Associated General Contractors (ACG)
  • 1965

    Company Incorporation: J.B. Mouton is incorporated and celebrates 50 years in business.
  • 1968

    Computer Innovation: J.B. Mouton pioneers the use of computer services for accounting applications.  The company continues to update and utilize the most advanced information systems today for maximum efficiency in project management, estimating, scheduling and accounting.
  • 1974

    Pioneer in Estimating: J. B. Mouton, Inc. pioneers conceptual estimating in the Lafayette area. This is a process of working with the owner and architect at the onset of a project to assure that the building is designed efficiently and within budget.
  • 1975

    Design-Assist builds Tallest Building in Lafayette: Our design-assist services date back to 1975 with the 15-story, 212,000 square foot FNB Towers. The building was later renamed Chase Towers which remains the tallest building in Lafayette. It was completed four months ahead of schedule.
  • 1981

    2nd Company President: In 1981 Manning “Bozo” Billeaud assumes the Presidency of J.B. Mouton.  Pictured (L to R) Manning "Bozo" and Robert "Popie" Billeaud
  • 1982

    Largest Office Building: J.B. Mouton builds Park Tower a 285,000 square foot office building that remains the largest office building in Lafayette.
  • 1982

    Largest Single Apartment Project: South Point Apartments are the area’s largest single apartment project built to date with 387 units.
  • 1983

    Gordon Square Historic Renovation: Originally built in 1904.  In 1983 JBM completed the job of restoring the local landmark.  Now listed on the Historic Register, it houses 44,000 square feet of office and retail space.
  • 1994

    Largest Warehouse: The construction of the AutoZone facility at 465,000 square feet is the largest warehouse space built in the area.
  • 2000

    St. Pius first in 40 years: J.B. Mouton builds the first new elementary school in the Catholic Diocese in Lafayette in over 40 years.  The 73,000 square foot school’s three phases were completed in 14 months.
  • 2001

    New President: In 2001 Robert “Popie” Billeaud assumes the Presidency of J.B. Mouton and completed his acquisition of the company in 2002.  
  • 2002

    AGC President: Robert “Popie” Billeaud assumes the role of President of the State of Louisiana Associated of General Contractors.
  • 2007

    LITE Building: J.B. Mouton finishes the impressive LITE Center (Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise) adding an interesting new landmark to  Lafayette’s landscape.
  • 2015

    Oldest General Contractor 100 Year anniversary

 2015 – Oldest General Contractor’s 100 Year anniversary